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Welcome to Troops Academy-The leading SSB Academy in Delhi, India! We’re providing the Best SSB interview Test Preparation coaching in Dwarka, Delhi and guidance to aspirants who dream of joining the Indian Armed Forces. At Troops Academy, being the best SSB defence academy, we have a team of highly experienced and qualified SSB trainers who have years of experience in training candidates for Best SSB interview Preparation. We offer a wide range of programs, including NDA Training, AFCAT coaching, CDS coaching, and top SSB coaching, to cater to the needs of every candidate. Our coaching programs provide comprehensive guidance to NDA and CDS SSB interview, covering all aspects of the SSB interview preparation. 

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Selection Process during SSB Coaching


The first day of arrival is called reporting.  The reporting time defines your reporting day. If your reporting time is at 6 AM then you will go through the Day 1 process on the same day. But, if your reporting time is scheduled for Noon or afternoon hours then your Day 1 Process will start the next day. Reporting has a lot of Significance as it is like your first Date in the SSB Center.

Day 1: OIR test – Officer Intelligence Rating

The first stage of your first reporting day is called Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) test. Where Verbal and Non-Verbal ability through basic reasoning questions are made. Figures, Numbers, Patterns, Series Dices, Images The questions picked are of Medium type and need a clear logical brain to attempt them. With all level, questions varies and difficulty level changes from batch to batch.

Images Perception & Description Test (PP & DT).PPDT

Part I Coaching

Cadets are assembled in an area and a Hazy image is displayed for around 30 Seconds. This is done for 4 minutes to create a meaningful script. The script or story should have some connection to the image and has to be original. This helps the board understand the Thinking of a Cadet.

Part 2 Narration

The Cadets are then assembled at a common place and groups of 18-20 are made for the next level, then each group goes through an assessment and is assessed sitting in a semicircle shape. They tell their script one by one. The aspirant has to fluently express the script.

Part 3 Discussion

when the last cadet is done with the Narration of the script, the Groups begin a discussion amongst themselves. The discussion lasts till a conclusion arrives. The observers check how effective the group is in arriving at a Common Group Story.

Screening Result

Cadets are shortlisted based on their performance in the Officer Rank Identification Test and Physical Profiler Development Test. If they meet the qualifications, they stay back for the next four days to take further Psychometric tests. However, the rest of the Cadets leave the SSB Center 

Day 2 (Psychology Tests) :

It’s a series of written Psychometric tests that check a candidate’s Psychological ability to be a potential officer.

Thematic Apperception Test (TAT)

It’s almost like PPDT. Wherein about 11 Images are displayed. Each image is displayed just for 30 seconds, after that Cadets write a story based on the Images in 4 minutes. After 4 minutes another Image is displayed and the same procedure is followed till the last slide. The 12th slide is blank, where a cadet is supposed to write any script of their understanding.

Word Association Test (WAT)

Its psychological test of the SSB selection procedure is a Word Association Test. In this test, 60 words are displayed one after the other for a period of 15 seconds each. Cadets have to write the first thought that comes to their mind for those words.

Situation Reaction Test (SRT)

 In this test, 60 situations are written in detail. Cadets have to write their responses based on those 60 situations. The time given for each situation is less. They get 60 Seconds to attempt to answer a situation.

Self Description Test (SDT)

In this test, Cadets have to write the opinion of their parents, friends, and teachers about themselves. This is an important test and requires one to know things about self. The time limit is 15 Minutes.


The Interviews begin on Day 2 and a few initial Cadets attend it. The Interview is conducted by an Interview Officer who can be termed a “Human Lie Detector” who interacts with the candidate for around 40–45 minutes. Various types of questions are put forward, and the candidate is expected to answer them with confidence along with clarity.

Day 3 & Day 4 in SSB Coaching-Best SSB online & offline coaching

Group Testing Officer Tasks (GTO Tasks)

There is a lot of time spent by the GTO in assessing Cadets during Group Testing Officers tasks such as Group Discussion, and the Group Task Officer observes each candidate during the course of the group discussion.

Group Discussion for SSB Coaching: Tasks such as Group Discussion and Group Task are observed by Group Testing Officers. Each candidate during the course of the group discussion is observed and analysised. The group supervisor observes each candidate during the group discussion. There will be two group discussions, each lasting 10–15 minutes. Group Planning Exercise.

Group Planning Exercise: The group is given a model of real-life situations and must meet the expected objectives. They must individually and then as a group come up with a way to combat all target situations within a given time. They must also write an action plan separately.

Progressive Group Tasks (PGT):  This activity requires a target group of cadets to overcome obstacles using support materials such as rope, plank, etc. 

Half Group Tasks: This round is the same as PGT, but with half the number of group members. Cadets are given more opportunities to show their potential.

 Individual Obstacles In this round, cadets must attempt 10 obstacles individually.

 Group Obstacles Race or Snake Race: All group members combine their strengths and compete against other groups. Cadets must overcome certain obstacles using a snake formed from bamboo wrapped in cloth and rope.

 Command Task: n this task, the candidate is made a commander and asked to choose 2–3 subordinates. He has to overcome some obstacles with the help of 2–3 subordinates.

Featurette: In this round, everyone must give a 3-minute lecture on a topic of their choice.

Final Group Task: This is the same as the Progressive Group Assignment. Cadets get a second chance to show their potential and teamwork.

Day 5 (Conference):

Cadets are interviewed after the SSB board has discussed each cadet. The purpose of the conference is to confirm who is in and who is out. The cadets have to face the SSB which includes the President, Vice President, all GTOs, all psychologists, and technical officers. Each candidate gets an average of 5 minutes. SSB results will be announced within an hour after the process is over. 


Each recommended candidate will undergo a thorough medical examination to ensure that he/she fulfils all the basic requirements for SSB/NSB/AFSB selection at the discretion of the Board. Please refer to Army/Navy/Air Force web links for the respective SSB participation PDF documents.

SSB Entries

SSB Interview marks needed
TES (Technical Entry Scheme) army

Eligibility: 10+ 2 (Based on their combined percentage in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Cut off 75-85%)

Open to: Male applicants.
TES (Technical Entry Scheme) Navy.

Eligibility: 10+2 (Based on their combined percentage in Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Cut off 75-85%)

Open to: Male applicants.
TGC – Technical Advanced Course.

Qualification: B.E and B.tech in Engineering Eligibility requirements for a specific stream. Cut out 62-65%.

Open to: Male applicants.

B.E and B.tech Graduates in Technical Engineering (depends on stream-specific qualification. Cut off 62-65%)

Open to: Both male and female candidates.
UES Army University Admission System.

Eligibility: Final Year Engineering Graduates (BE and B. Tech) during the initial examination rounds on campus. Preselection is based on overall percentage.
Open for Male applicants.

UES – Naval University Recognition Scheme

Eligibility: Final year engineering graduates (BE and B.tech) through campus primary examinations. Pre-selection is based on the overall percentage. Open to Male applicants.
Special entry For NCC cadets.

Qualification: Graduate with NCC-C certificate.
Open for both men and women.

Indian Navy – Logistics, Pilot, Technical, Director.

Eligibility: For non-engineering graduates (75-80% average)

Open for Both men and women (depending on entry type)

FTS: IAF Fast Selection

Eligibility: For graduate students. First screening at a designated location and only for the Meteorological Department.
Open for both men and women.

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